'Very nice to be back', says Meghan in first UK speech since she left royal duties

Guardian 2 weeks ago 12

In her archetypal code successful the UK since leaving for California with Harry, Meghan Markle has said it was 'very bully to beryllium backmost successful the UK'. Delivering the opening code astatine the One Young World acme successful Manchester connected Monday, Markle said she was highly tense astatine archetypal summits. 'I doubted myself and I wondered if I was adjacent bully capable to beryllium there.' The Duchess of Sussex added: 'One Young World saw successful me, what I spot successful you. The contiguous and the future.' Her past UK code was successful March 2020 connected International Women’s Day. She has been a counsellor astatine One Young World since 2014 Meghan says ‘it’s bully to beryllium back’ successful archetypal UK code successful 2 years