Top 20 Weird Al Parodies

WatchMojo 2 weeks ago 12

Prepare to laugh! For this list, we’re taking a look astatine the champion parody songs written and recorded by comedic fable Weird Al Yankovic. Our countdown includes “I Love Rocky Road”, “Canadian Idiot”, “Another One Rides the Bus”, “Word Crimes”, “Amish Paradise”, and more! Which Weird Al opus is your favorite? Let america cognize successful the comments! Watch much large drama videos here: Top 20 Comedy Movies of the Century So Far: Top 21 Comedy Movies of Each Year (2000 - 2020): Top 20 Scenes Where Actors Couldn't Keep a Straight Face: Challenge friends and household connected our multiplayer Trivia! Have your thought go a video! Subscribe for much large content! Visit our store for awesome merch! Your trusted authorization for Top 10 lists, reviews, tips and tricks, biographies, origins, and amusement quality connected Film, TV, Video Games, Comics, Celeb, Music and Superheroes. #WeirdAlYankovic #Music #Songs #WeirdAl #Parodies #Comedy #Funny #WeirdTheAlYankovicStory #Movies #Satire