The Little Mermaid Review

IGN 6 days ago 9

The Little Mermaid was reviewed by Alyssa Mora. In theaters May 26, 2023. Halle Bailey’s brilliantly susceptible show arsenic Ariel is the prima of the amusement successful Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Melissa McCarthy follows intimately down with a magnetic show arsenic Ursula. As a whole, however, this mentation sometimes struggles to support itself supra water. Its problems prevarication successful lackluster underwater sequences, realistic oversea creatures missing cartoonish charm, and additions to the communicative that are quaint but not needfully memorable. What works champion are the elements it takes from the original, highlighted champion by a show-stopping rendition of Part of Your World. While this mentation doesn’t ever find its oversea legs, there’s capable of those archetypal ideas recreated present that it can’t spell excessively acold wrong. #TheLittleMermaid
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