The Little Mermaid: Melissa McCarthy, Javier Bardem on playing the iconic Ursula, King Triton

The Straits Times 4 days ago 14

From playing the iconic roles of Ursula and King Triton to inspirations for the epic costumes, Melissa McCarthy and Javier Bardem beryllium down with The Straits Times’ Hairianto Diman to speech each things The Little Mermaid. READ MORE: The Little Mermaid is successful cinemas from May 25 2023. Follow The Straits Times connected YouTube: Turn connected notifications 🔔 to enactment updated -------------------- WEBSITE ➤ FACEBOOK ➤ TIKTOK ➤ INSTAGRAM ➤ TWITTER ➤ TELEGRAM ➤ PODCASTS ➤ #thelittlemermaid #disney #MelissaMcCarthy #straitstimes
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