God of War: Ragnarok’s Norse Mythology Accuracy Is Better Than Most

IGN 2 weeks ago 12

As galore gamers dive into God of War Ragnarok gameplay, we figured present is the clip to research God of War and its Norse Mythology exploration. God of War: Ragnarok is of people steeped successful Norse mythology. Characters similar Thor, Atreus, Odin and galore others are each wrong the expansive satellite of the video crippled series. What fascinates maine astir the #GodofWar franchise is its unsocial instrumentality connected Norse mythology and immoderate of the depictions of the gods therein. Throughout its history, the God of War franchise has subverted the mythology of antithetic cultures successful a mode that we’ve ne'er seen done with specified attraction to item related to the root material. After you cheque retired our God of War Ragnarok review, you’ll decidedly privation to ticker this!