Battlefield 2042 - Official Season 5: New Dawn Gameplay Trailer

IGN 3 days ago 14

Watch the trailer to spot what to expect successful Battlefield 2042's Season 5: New Dawn, which brings a caller map, caller weapons similar the XCE Bar bolt-action rifle, the GEW-46 battle rifle, and the BFP.50 manus cannon, 3 caller types of grenades, a rework of conveyance loadouts, caller limb stations, rehauled Vault weapons, a reworked mentation of the Hourglass, and the Season 5 conflict walk to play done for unlocks of escaped and premium content, including caller weapons and more. In Season 5, caput to Czechia, wherever the warmest invited you’ll get is down the tube of a gun. Battle by an abandoned mill retaken by quality connected the caller representation Reclaimed.
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