Angela Rayner questions government's over 'VIP lane' for PPE contracts

Guardian 1 week ago 9

Labour were granted an urgent question successful the Commons connected Thursday astir the government's owed diligence implicit granting PPE contracts to firms via their 'VIP lane'. This comes aft the Guardian revealed Tory adjacent Michelle Mone secretly received £29m aft her hubby passed connected wealth from PPE Medpro, a institution that was awarded £200m successful Covid contracts. Rayner asked Tory MP Neil O'Brien to clarify the government's owed diligence erstwhile awarding PPE contracts and whether the authorities volition uncover details of their probe into missing nationalist money. O'Brien insisted 90 percent of recommendations for Covid contracts were dismissed Revealed: Tory adjacent Michelle Mone secretly received £29m from ‘VIP lane’ PPE firm